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Meet Erin

Hi! My name is H. Erin Nelson.

Useless Necessities: "Things Women Don't Need but Can't Live Without." I created this shop to reach out to women of all ages in order to add a little bit of "fun" to their lives! My products are ones that make women feel special and definitely make them "shine!"

However, men have just as much success shopping here, too! They are able to find awesome gifts for the special women in their lives!

All my products are trending high on Google Trends, so I supply only what is popular and selling to viral traffic!

Have fun browsing my shop and leave me a comment if you'd like. I absolutely LOVE to chat!

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Besides being an online entrepreneur, I’m also a Mother, an Ordained Minister, Published Children’s Author (Bibletoons series:, Web Designer (WorldHorizons Web) and Affiliate Marketer (

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I love life and have a true passion for exploring all it has to offer! I quite often become deeply intrigued in my writing and web designing, as I enjoy it so intensely. Also, I love a good challenge, and reaching my goals in my work and in life is what I’m always striving for.

Accomplishment takes root through happiness & contentment, passion & perseverance, and faith & integrity. I’m thankful for the opportunities to pursue my purpose.

I look forward to seeing you often at any of my sites, and please leave comments so we can become eFriends! 

Also, you can contact me by way of FB Messenger!

Happy Shopping!


H. Erin Nelson